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Neighbors of North Aurora

Tips from the North Aurora Fire Department

07/09/2015 12:54PM ● By Katelyn Nelson

What to do if you smell gas in your house.

If you have a slight odor of natural gas and suspect a small gas leak in your home, take the following steps:

1.      Open all doors and windows.

2.      If possible, check to see if appliance burners are fully
 off and pilot lights (if any) are lit.

3.      If odor returns call 911 and exit the home.

If the odor inside is strong and you think you may have a large natural gas leak, follow these instructions:

1.      Do not try to find the leak source or turn off valves
 or appliances.

2.      Do not operate any electrical, battery, or mechanical
 devices (including phones).

3.      Leave the premises and take all occupants with you.

4.      Dial 911 outside or from a neighbor’s home and do
 not re-enter the building until it has been made safe.

If you detect an odor of natural gas outside, take these steps:

1.      Call NICOR and advise of the situation

2.      If immediate attention is necessary dial 911.

Note: If at any time you are unsure what to do exit your home and dial 911.

Help your children prevent fires

Talk to your kids about how they can prevent fires. Children under age five are especially curious about fire and need to start learning about the tremendous danger. Take the mystery out of fire and make sure that your kids know the following safety tips:

·        Never play with matches, lighters or candles.

·        Never play with electrical cords and never put anything in a socket.

·        Blankets or clothes should never be thrown on top of lamps or heaters.

·        Don’t turn up a heater without a grown-up’s permission.

·        If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop and roll.

 Check under beds and in closets for burned matches or candles. Kids often choose “secret” places to play with matches and light fires. Even “good” kids are curious—teach your kids to always tell you when they find matches and lighters.