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Neighbors of North Aurora

A note from the publisher

05/20/2015 11:18AM ● By Tim

I was driving around North Aurora, checking out the parks in the area when I saw the photographer with a gargantuan lens (the kind of lens that needs its own stand), focused on the eagle’s nest just west of Rt.31 on Mooseheart Rd. My little 135mm lens failed to get close to the majestic bird perched next to its nest high in the tree a couple of hundred feet away. I risked a conversation with the serious photographer, posing the obvious: “You must be getting some great shots with that lens.” No response. Not even a glance in my direction. He did not appreciation the interruption. I left him to his craft wondering what that bald eagle looked like through that lens…bringing it so close you could pluck a feather from its tail.

Earlier, I was at Red Oak Nature center where I met North Aurora resident Jay Barnes and his friend Kim Hughes from Wheaton. Unlike the guarded wildlife photographer, Jay and Kim were more than happy to join me in a little conversation and even pose for a picture (see page 10). Jay shared his morning adventures along the Illinois Prairie Path. With particular pride he showed me his photos of morel mushrooms he captured with his iPhone that morning. After getting a short lesson on just how special morel mushrooms are, I was not sure which encounter was more fascinating, the eagle or the mushrooms.

At North Aurora Island Park, a nice Auroran couple relaxed at a riverside picnic table while their young daughter frolicked in the playground area, which she had all to herself. Across the river a fisherman cast lazily from the river shallows, oblivious to the steady flow of traffic crossing the bridge.

Parks and recreation provide some benefits in some ways to each of us. For some it is simply a pleasant view to be enjoyed while driving by. For some it is a place to escape to. For some it is a place to grow and learn and be active with others. It is our pleasure to tell you a little more about the organizations that provide parks and recreation to North Aurora. We hope you enjoy our feature story, starting on page eight.


Tim Sullivan