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Neighbors of North Aurora

Spring clean up and yard waste

03/14/2015 01:39PM ● By Tim
Spring Clean Up Day is Fri., May 8. Stickers are required for all regular garbage and yard waste. All other non-hazardous bulk trash items will be picked up for free. Hazardous waste may be dropped off at the Naperville Fire Station (630-420-6095) at the corner of Brookdale Rd. and Rt. 59 from 9am to 2pm every Saturday and Sunday. Free electronic recycling drop-off is available on the fourth Saturday of each month from 1–3pm in Woodman’s parking lot.

Yard waste pickup resumes on Fri., April 3. Kraft paper bags and waste stickers are required for all yard waste pickups through the end of November. Brush and branches must be bundled in 4 ft. lengths not exceeding 50 lbs. and require a sticker at all times. Bagged leaves are picked up free only during October and November. Any leaves left from last summer will need to be bagged and will require a waste sticker.

Free mulch is available at 316 Butterfield Rd. Residents will need to load their own mulch, as no delivery is available.

Celebrate Arbor Day on Fri., April 24 by planting a tree! Trees provide shade, give off oxygen, reduce noise pollution, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and provide everyday products such as paper, syrup, firewood, building materials, etc.

Overhead Sanitary Sewer Grant: Please ask about the village’s overhead sanitary sewer grant. Available to residents who may be having frequent backups into their homes.

Parkway trees. The village will continue replacing dead parkway trees in the spring. Starting in March the village will replace as many trees as possible to replace those that have been removed. Trees will not be planted during the summer due to hot temperatures and lack of rain. The remainder of trees will be planted in the fall starting in September until all trees (approximately 800 total) have been replaced.

Damage to mailboxes. Is your mailbox installed properly? During the winter, unstable mailboxes and decaying wood posts are most likely to be damaged from heavy snow coming off the snow plows. Residents should be aware that the village is not responsible for mailboxes that are damaged by the snow from the plows. Spring is the best time for residents to be sure their mailbox is securely fastened to the post and also be sure that the post is in good condition, securely set in the ground. Check yours today!