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Neighbors of North Aurora

My life sure has changed!

03/14/2015 01:00PM ● By Tim

Kate Sullivan, Publisher, Neighbors Magazines

21 months ago I was feeling old, fat and tired. I wasn’t sleeping well, hadn’t for 10 years! I didn’t have the energy to do much—everything seemed like a big effort. I was numbing myself out and sleepwalking through my days. I wasn’t sick in the usual sense. I thought this is what happened as you got older. Then my niece started talking about this great program she was using and how wonderful she felt. She didn’t have much weight to lose but she was full of energy and even though she was only 41, she looked like she had a facelift. I wanted what she had—I wanted something more for me—so I made the leap…in the  first 60 days, I shed 20 lbs. and was sleeping through the night for the first time in10 years! I have not had this much energy since I was 40. I’m feeling wonderful, have a new lease on life and I’m reinventing myself. My niece shared a great gift with me and I’m paying it forward. I love feeling comfortable in clothes, waking up alert and feeling good, glowing skin and looking forward to some fun things I would never have done before—like the Bubble Run 5K in May. The best is yet to come…

Kate Sullivan is a co-publisher of Neighbors Magazines. With a background and education in nutrition, Kate has always maintained a healthy lifestyle. But the journey she has recently started has already transformed her life. Kate is more than happy to share what she is doing with any of our readers who would like to achieve similar results for themselves.
Give her a call: 630-664-7220,