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Four lifesaving tips for a safe winter

01/29/2015 06:47PM ● By Tim
We are coming up on the heart of the winter so make
sure you are prepared for going out or being in the cold.
1. First and foremost dress accordingly. Wear
warm clothing and dress in layers when you plan to
be outdoors for an extended amount of time, and
keep dry (wet clothes increase chance of heat loss).
Make sure to keep your hands, feet, face, and head
protected from not only the cold but the wind as
2. Prepare for the unexpected. You should
always keep a winter safety bag in your car with
extra gloves, hats, socks, and clothes in case of
3. Frozen ponds, lakes and rivers can be very
dangerous; avoid going on the ice at all cost.
4. During icy and
snowy conditions, the
incidence of injuries due to slips and falls
increases. Always be careful when you encounter
icy walk ways and entrances. Think about the best
route to your destination and plan on a little extra
time to get there. Avoid rushing, taking shortcuts
over snow piles or traversing areas where snow or
ice removal is incomplete. Take advantage of floor
mats to remove moisture from the soles of your
shoes. This will help protect you, as well as others
who follow, from having to walk on wet or slippery
There is a lot of fun to be had outdoors in the winter,
just make sure you are dressed for the occasion, take
your time, and avoid dangerous situations.