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Neighbors of North Aurora

Stay in touch with your community

01/29/2015 06:34PM ● By Tim
All adult residents of North
Aurora are urged to sign up for
the Nixle Notification System,
at It’s free and easy
to subscribe. For residents who
were previously signed up for the
Village’s Reverse 911 System, please
note you will no longer receive
any Reverse 911 calls, as the Nixie
Notification system has replaced
Reverse 911. Please note, messages
are not sent out for every weather
watch or warning; only when the
weather is having, or is expected
to have, a significant impact on our
community, such as the blizzard of
Nixle Notifications will provide
important emergency and timesensitive
updates via phone, text,
and email and you can tailor how
you receive the notices. Nixle
provides three types of messages as
noted below:
Alert—The most serious
type of message reserved for
critically important, time-sensitive
information where loss of life and/
or property is possible. By default,
Alert messages come via text and
email; however, you do have the
ability to change settings. Alert
message may also be sent via Voice
Blast. Examples: Missing Child or
Severe Weather Conditions.
Advisory—lmportant, need-toknow
information, but less timecritical
than Alerts. By default,
Advisory messages come via text
and email, but you have the ability
to change settings. Examples: Road
Closures, Police Activity, Traffic
Congestion, or Suspicious Incidents.
Community—Everyday local
news, happenings, and events. By
default, Community messages come
via email only, but you can change
settings to receive Community
messages via text if Press Releases
(as when a major incident or
arrest occurs). Please note that
not all news is sent in Community
messages; only those that the North
Aurora Police Department feels
residents should be informed of,
before the next edition of C.O.P.
Bytes or Village Newsletter is sent out.
Contact Deputy Chief
Scott Buziecki by email at: or call
630-897-8705, ext. 752 with