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Neighbors of North Aurora

Garbage pickup, snow removal, fire hydrants and mail boxes

01/29/2015 06:30PM ● By Tim
Waste Management garbage
Trash pick-up will not be affected
by Presidents Day and will be
picked up on Fri., Feb. 20 as usual.
Christmas Trees are collected
until the end of January FREE of
charge. Christmas trees must be free
of all decorations and cannot be in
plastic bags. Trees over 6' will need
to be cut in half. Trees left for pickup
after the free collection period,
will require a sticker that is visibly
affixed to be collected.

Snow removal
Public Works will begin plowing
streets when snow accumulates to
two inches. Public Works crews will
begin spreading salt on all Village
streets when icing conditions exist,
as well as reapplying after all streets
have been plowed. Snowplowing
is based on street usage and levels
of traffic for both the east and west
sides of the village. Priority streets
are plowed and salted first, followed
by secondary streets, and then culde-
sacs, alleys and dead-ends will
be cleared last. The following are
priority streets in the village:
East side—Banbury, Dee,
Mitchell, Oak Crest, Pine Creek,
Sharon, Long, Hartsfield, and
Wingfoot. West side—Oak, Randall,
Orchard Gate Way, Airport,
Sycamore, Timber Oaks, Acorn,
Juniper, White Oak, Western,
Harmony, Meade, Bauer, Bennett.

Residents are reminded of Village Ordinances pertaining to snow removal
It is unlawful to park a motor
vehicle or if already parked,
to allow a motor vehicle to
remain parked or standing in
a public street or alley during
or after a two inch snowfall,
until streets have been
plowed and cleared. It is also
illegal to push, pile, or dump
snow into Village streets.
Ordinance violations may
result in fines up to $750.

Fire hydrants
When possible, please help the
North Aurora Fire Department
by clearing snow from around fire
hydrants near your property. This
will allow firefighters quick access in
the event of a fire.

The Village would like to remind
residents that they are responsible
for the maintenance and proper
installation of their mailbox and
post. Residents should ensure that
the post and mailbox is sturdy and
can withstand the pressure of snow
coming off the snow plow. Village
contractors and crews do their best
to avoid hitting mailboxes, however,
due to poor visibility, a mailbox or
post may accidentally be damaged
by the snow plow. If damage is done
by a snow plow, residents should
call the Village of North Aurora as
soon as possible so that the Village
can assess the damage and provide
and install a standard metal mailbox
and/or a treated post if the damage
warrants. The Village will only
make physical repairs to a mailbox
or post that has been hit directly by
a snowplow blade or some portion
of the plow truck and will not be
liable for mailboxes damaged by
the force of the snow that comes
off the plow. If there is no evidence
that the mailbox/post was hit by a
plow, then the Village will inform
the resident that any repair of the
mailbox and/or post will be their
responsibility. Your cooperation and
consideration in maintaining your
curbside mailbox is appreciated. As
a reminder, the United States Postal
Service requires that all curbside
mailboxes should be installed at a
height of 41–45 inches from the
road surface to the bottom of the
mailbox or point of mail entry.
Further, mailboxes should be set
back six to eight inches from the
front face of the curb.