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Neighbors of North Aurora

Village of North Aurora finishes 2014 " in the black"

01/29/2015 06:16PM ● By Tim
"The Village of North Aurora’s Fiscal Year 2014
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is now
available. The Village finished the year “in the
black” and maintained the Village’s strong financial
position. A copy of the report is available at the
Village Hall or residents may go to the Village’s
website and click on the Finance Department page
to view a copy. Any questions about the report
can be directed to Bill Hannah, Finance Director at
630-897-8228 ext. 225.
"Ash tree removal and replacements on parkways
have been moving along at a good pace. The Village
has removed 450 infected Ash trees in 2014 and
will be removing approximately 600 more by March
of 2015. The Village has also replaced 300 of those
parkway trees this year and anticipates replacing
approximately 800 more in spring 2015.
"Over the past few months, the Village undertook
the somewhat challenging but necessary “Rear Yard
Water Main Relocation Project”. The undertaking
of this project was deemed necessary after several
leaks were repaired on these rear yard water mains
over the years, with the most recent repair made in
August, 2013.
"Staff started discussions in September, 2013,
concerning our options on how to accomplish
such a task and how it might be funded. Since the
existing water main which serviced the homes on
Roberts St., So. Grace St. and So. Adams was in
the rear yards and the service lines entered each
home in the rear, this was going to be a challenge.
A normal water main replacement project would
replace water main which is already in the Village
right-of-way, between the street and sidewalk. Once
the water main replacement is complete, new water
services are connected to the existing service which
is generally located in the front yards.
"Thirty-seven (37) homes would be affected in
the area of Roberts, S. Grace, S. Adams, W. State
and John St., along with a few commercial services
on John St. This project would entail obtaining
a “temporary construction easement” from each
property owner, to allow for access on their property
to make the necessary connections. Fences, mature
trees, landscaping, decks, patios, garages and sheds
were many of the “hurdles” we faced in our attempt
to connect to existing rear yard service lines.
The Village allotted funding for this project in the
2014/2015 annual budget, along with applying for
a Kane County Community Development grant
which was received and will cover approximately
30% of the project cost. After a year of planning
and preparation, project construction began in mid-
October 2014, and is scheduled for final completion
and restoration in the spring.
"This project not only has replaced old, failing,
undersized infrastructure but increased fire
protection through the installation of larger diameter
water main and additional hydrants throughout
the project area. The Village has been proactively
replacing water main throughout the community
for the past 20+ years in an effort to reduce
maintenance to failing infrastructure and improve
residential and commercial domestic water and fire
Dale Berman
Village President