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When is a wading pool a "swimming pool"

06/18/2014 11:41AM ● By Tim

If your pool is deeper that 24" it's a "swimming pool"

Did you know that Temporary, Portable, Inflatable, and/or Wading Pools that exceed 24 inches in depth are considered “swimming pools” in the Village of North Aurora and are subject to the State of Illinois barrier requirements? While these “temporary” pools do not require a building permit because they are intended to be removed at the end of each swimming season, stored, and put back up the following year, you should be aware of the applicable requirements as they relate to the safe use of these types of “temporary” pools. If you currently own or are considering purchasing a “temporary” pool which exceeds 24 inches in depth, please consider the following requirements: 

As required by Illinois State Law, all swimming pools are required to be fenced no less than four (4) feet in height and with a self-latching gate that latches four (4) feet or more above the ground. Such fences shall have openings no more than four (4) inches and horizontal bracing a minimum of 45 inches apart. 

Swimming pools are not permitted to be placed in any front or corner side yards. Also, ten (10) feet or more clearance on all directions from pool side wall to overhead wires should be maintained at all times. 
With regards to swimming pool maintenance, the Village of North Aurora requires all swimming pools to be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and in good repair. Also, any discharged water shall not create a nuisance to any adjoining properties. 

Allowing and/or maintaining stagnant swimming pools is also not permitted in the Village of North Aurora because it creates a public health hazard due to the presence of bacteria and the potential for infestation. 

Swimming pool safety and maintenance is important to the Village of North Aurora. By observing these codes, you help us create a safer environment and community for our residents and neighbors. Contact the Community Development Department of the Village of North Aurora at (630) 897-1457 for any questions or concerns.