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Neighbors of North Aurora

Top 10 code violations you will want to avoid

05/03/2014 04:22PM ● By Tim

You can water your lawn from 6-9 am and pm, on even and odd days corresponding with your address

Watering and lawn sprinkling at the wrong times

Watering and lawn sprinkling is allowed from 6–9am and 6–9pm on even and odd days depending on the address. All properties with even-numbered street addresses may use water for restricted watering purposes on even-numbered days of the month only; and all properties with odd-numbered street addresses may use water for restricted watering purposes on odd-numbered days of the month only. This does not apply to hand watering.

 High grass

Lawns must be kept under 8” in height, including weeds.

 Garbage placed at curb too early

Do not place trash cans or yard waste at the curb until 3pm the day before a scheduled pickup. Remove containers from the curb no later than midnight on the day of collection.

 Abandoned swimming pools

Maintain swimming pools and ensure they do not hold stagnant water.

 Illegal RV parking

Residents can park recreational vehicles and utility trailers on front driveways from Friday (noon) - Monday (noon). North Aurora code also allows one recreational vehicle or utility trailer to be permanently stored outside on a residential property, as long as it is located behind the front building elevation on a residential lot.

Inoperable/unlicensed vehicles

All vehicles parked outside of an enclosed structure must have current registration and license plates. They must be parked on an impervious surface.

 Illegal outside storage

Eliminate outside storage of junk and debris such as, but not limited to, broken patio furniture, garbage, vehicle parts, tires, piles of brush, etc.

 Failure to paint and repair

Check the main structure, detached garage, fence and sheds for peeling paint and rotten wood.

 No permits

Obtain a building permit prior to the alteration or construction of a project such as, but not limited to, fences, roofs, siding, window, decks, sheds and driveways.

 Animal complaints

Make sure that the family dog is not running loose through the neighborhoods and/or

barking excessively.

 As always, residents may contact the Code Enforcement Division at (630) 897-1457 ext. 231 or email CDinfo@vil.north-.