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Neighbors of North Aurora

If you own a recreational vehicle or trailer, read this

12/30/2013 12:38PM ● By Tim

There have been recent changes to North Aurora’s Code of Ordinances regarding the storage of trailers and recreational vehicles on residential properties. If you own a recreational vehicle or trailer, including boats, rafts, campers, motor homes, pickup coaches, snowmobiles, jet skis, or other types of utility trailers, you will want to familiarize yourself with these recent changes.

It is important to note that a utility trailer may also include trailers not intended solely for recreational purposes, but also trailers used for commercial purposes. Recreational vehicles and trailers can only be parked on a residential driveway during the following periods: Friday 12pm to Monday 12pm and only during Apr. 15–30 and Oct. 1–15. 

According to the Village Code, recreational vehicles and trailers may only be stored on residential properties if they are located within a fully-enclosed permanent structure or are completely screened from view by a solid wood fence or masonry screen wall at least six feet in height. Only one recreational vehicle or trailer may be permanently stored on a residential property and it must be parked or stored on a hard surface. A recreational vehicle or trailer parked over a public sidewalk or in the street is prohibited.

Please be sure to observe these important changes to the Village Code as you plan for your vehicle/trailer storage needs. By observing these codes, you help us create a safer environment and community for our residents and neighbors. For questions or concerns, contact the Community Development Department at 630-897-1457.