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Neighbors of North Aurora

Neighbors of North Aurora magazine is here!

12/30/2013 12:17PM ● By Tim

By Tim Sullivan, Publisher

“Neighbors of North Aurora Magazine” is here. Through the support of North Aurora organizations and local businesses, we will be delivering this content-rich publication to your mailbox every other month, FREE.  Each issue will be packed with timely and useful news and information from the village, schools, fire and police, library, park district, clubs and organizations.  There will be features of the people in North Aurora.  We’ll cover lifestyle, health, arts and entertainment.  There will be a two-month community calendar in every issue.  And you’ll meet many of the great local businesses who are here to serve you when you need them.

This website will have all of the content that is in the magazine, plus much more.  As the site grows in popularity, businesses will use to offer discounts, clubs and organizations can post events, and news about your community will be added regularly.

Community is an amazing phenomenon.  It isn’t until you see it all together, that you begin to understand just how amazing it really is.  North Aurora is no exception.  As much as the many organizations of this community work independent of each other, they each play a role in contributing to the community as a whole.  In this regard they blend together to create “North Aurora,” a community like no other.

Of course, community starts with YOU.  Each and every one of you plays some role, small or large, in defining this community of North Aurora.  You may be a mother raising young responsible citizens; a teacher providing education; a fireman or policeman protecting us; a local business person bringing us goods and services; a clergyman to guide us; a doctor to heal us; a librarian to enrich us; a park employee keeping open spaces ready for us to enjoy; a caregiver helping those less fortunate in our community, or a village employee keeping the streets clean, and the snow plowed; you may be a good neighbor who watches out for others; or someone who just enjoys dining and shopping locally.

What is so incredibly amazing is how all the pieces ultimately blends together to form one community.  On these pages, then, we bring you “North Aurora.” 

This publication is made possible by local business advertising.  Your support is critical to their survival and success.  We hope you will take an extra moment to look over the “ads.”  They depend on your support.  And North Aurora depends on their success.