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NOTICE to Residents – Electricity Scam

11/27/2013 04:19PM ● By Ryan Frisch

If you get a call threatening to disconnect your electricity…

--Village website

Residents should be aware of a possible scam regarding disconnection of electricity. Scammers that have been active in Texas are now being seen in Illinois. Scammers in Texas are employing a disconnection payment con to scam customers out of money, and are increasingly threatening victims with disconnection by using the name of the local utility – ComEd.

Under the disconnection scam, scammers call customers and threaten them with disconnection of their utility service, unless they receive immediate payment, typically through some untraceable, non-refundable method, including Visa or other prepaid cards, PayPal, and/or wire transfers. Since the scammers threaten disconnection, the earliest examples of these scams used ComEd's name in threatening the customer.

If residents get any call threatening disconnection of their service or if residents have any questions, hang up and call ComEd directly at 800-334-7661 to confirm any disconnection. For any questionable calls regarding any utility, residents should always contact the utility company to confirm any suspicious phone calls.  If you are unsure if a crime has been committed, please call the North Aurora Police Department at 630.897-8705 to report the incident.

As a reminder, the Village’s current aggregation supplier of electricity is Verde Energy USA. Verde Energy supplies the electricity, while ComEd delivers and bills for the electricity. Some residents and businesses may have chose to stay with ComEd or may have selected a different supplier.  Regardless if you have opted to be part of the Village's aggregation or have selected another supplier for electricity, any unusal or questionable calls regarding disconnection of your service should be referred to ComEd.